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Re: Lassa UI

Post by Looria » Mon Aug 11, 2008 7:04 am

Lassarandia wrote:Omg you bound Q and E to different actions?

I really need those keys to strafe left and right when I am bored. ^^
Haha so agree. I actually bounded A and D to other actions..since im just turning with my rat and strafing with Q and E.
Niduyam wrote:Hold your right mouse button and press A/D. ;)
Hold your right and left mouse button and dont need to touch keyboard at all :p

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Re: Lassa UI

Post by Vecna » Mon Aug 11, 2008 7:13 am

strafe arent rly usefull in movement , at least are not for me pvp-wise and even more pve-wise so i bound them to something more usefull since am-not clicker .
Now about Runos keybidings, was a special deal we made when i first come in kul-tiras. he wanted to do some arena games to get a merciless chest,for pve reasons, but cause you know runos in pvp-arena with spellfire set , mr 7k hps. so i told him,or you put iceblock in Q so u can press it fast and survive,else no arena for u :P [btw he did soloed a merciless rogue , i dont know if that day stars was in line or something, but he manage to use pet-nova ,his nova, blink without error!!!!]
Never keep speak with a stupid person,he would do anything to downgrade your in his level,and when he manage do that, cause he got more expierience in stupidity ..he will own you.

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