Miss – Hunter - Kul Tiras

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Miss – Hunter - Kul Tiras

Post by Miss » Thu Jul 02, 2009 7:52 pm

Name of your character:



Night Elf

Your Professions (and level):
LeatherWorking 450
JewelCrafting 450
Fishing 450
Cooking 450

Kul Tiras

Your Age:

Country (timezone):
Belgium, GMT

Previous guild(s):
1 Ghostbusters
2 Devils Rejects
3 Moonlight Council
4 éClipse
5 Pretentious

Why you left them or want to leave them:
1 They were to social back then and only did Karazhan
2 Left after some friends left just before WotLK to join a progress guild
3 Progressed in Naxx till ulduar came out, and left cause most raiders left to make éClipse
4 Left cause they backtalked, they did post a backtalk post on the whrong section of the forum and i did read it before the moved it to the right section
5 Leaving cause ppl slack to show up for progressing in hardmodes. and wanted to join a guild who progresses.

Why do you want to join Element:
Cause some friends told me its a good guild to progress in and said it would suit me.

From where do you know Element:
Friends and server itself always been on Kul Tiras

Who do u know in Element:
Spiké & Kansei

Times you can NOT play:
Atm im jobless so i got much time.

For how long you already play WoW:
Account Created: 25 February 05
Nearly from start of Wow.

For how long you play the character you apply with:
144days 20hours

Raiding Experience:
Seen all bosses. and abilitys
Voa 10 Cleared
Voa 25 Cleared
Obsidian 3drakes 10 Cleared
Obsidian 3drakes 25 Cleared
Naxxramas 10 Cleared
Naxxramas 25 Cleared
Ulduar 10 Cleared, 7 Hardmodes ( FL, Deconstructor, iron Council, hodir, thorim, freya, General Vezax )
Ulduar 25 Cleared, 1 Hardmode ( FL )
Except algalon offcourse

Malygos 10 & 25
Algalon ( questnot done yet, got disc )

Armory Link:
http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet ... ras&n=Miss


Optional things you want to tell us: for example alternativ gear, alts, ...
On my hunter i got some pvp gear
got a DK Tank with ulduar 10/naxx 25 gear.

You can tell us here about your talentspec especially if your class supports several "useful" specs. EG when you apply as a druid, you should make sure if you want to be a healer or tank or dps or moonkin and if you are up for another spec as well.
Atm i am Survival that brings Replenishment.
but can change spec iff asked.


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Re: Miss – Hunter - Kul Tiras

Post by Lassarandia » Sun Jul 05, 2009 6:58 pm

I would like to have a chat with you ingame. Is tomorrow, Monday, possibly?

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Re: Miss – Hunter - Kul Tiras

Post by Miss » Sun Jul 05, 2009 7:11 pm