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Tk - Kul Tiras

Post by chicca » Sat Sep 26, 2009 10:00 pm

Name of your character: Tunkashy

Class: Rogue

TalentSpec: 13/51/5 (combat) - 51/13/7 (assasination)

Race: human

Your Professions (and level): mining & BS-weaponsmith-swordsmith 450 (more than 403 plans) cooking/fishing/first aid 450

Realm: Kul Tiras

Your Age: mature woman? :)

Country (timezone): Italy

Previous guild(s): Blue Messians, Redemption, A99, Azeroth Alliance

Why you left them or want to leave them:
the actual guild change status and became social guild. I been there from almost 2 years alredy, and as officer in the last year.

Why do you want to join Element:
Since 2006 I followed SIN and Element (as other few top guilds) in their nice work in challenge and defeat all the bosses and encounter that this game offer. I think that at least in Kult Tiras we has had the fortune to have serious raiding guilds in the context of this game require.

From where do you know Element:
I know several ppls from this guild for do old school instances since TBC times and because i'm playing from so long in this realm.

Times you can NOT play:
i can raid 3-4 days a week until raid is called or needed, mybe one or other weekend because of family things.

For how long you already play WoW: since march 2006 in Kul Tiras

For how long you play the character you apply with:
all this time, is my main, I have NO alt, the alt are just for bank slot supply and bussines things.

Raiding Experience:

I did in the 60 lvl all minor instances. Major: MC and down Ragnaros. Down only Maexxna in Naxx. Down first 4 bosses in AQ20 and first boss in AQ40. After, during TBC time, I could complete all instances and bosses raiding old school.

clear Karazan, SSC and Vasijh down before the nerf, MH clear before nerf, TK all less Kael'thas Sunstrider, and BT all bosses less Illidan Stormrage. Two days after the patch we down Kael and Illidan. SWP we did 2 first bosses in 70 lvl and I could clear that instance after woltk was released in 80 lvl. Really saddly not could clear SW during the 70's in TBC times.

Naxx, OS, Malygos 10-25 clear. OS 2d only....dont ask me why not OS3d or all naxx achieve.....
Ulduar 10 12/14, we did several hard modes and got the quest for algalon that was given to one of our CL (Teilathan).
Ulduar 25 11/14, we could not continue try the last 2 bosses or hard modes due the lack of ppl be online for raid
Crusader Colliseum 10 5/5 normal, we try Hc but with no succed, 25 2/5 normal.

Attunements: all pre TBC and TBC, plus the key for open the AQ gates, I could complete the line quest during middle TBC time.

Armory Link: ... h+Alliance

Optional things you want to tell us:
Regard rogue class and itemization my refer point in theorycraft has been, plus all the friends rogues i know in game, plus the use of spreadsheet, etc. I have no problem to ask when i have a doubt or not understand something to help me improve my perfomance, or regard a talent or patch note that improve or nerf some of our character skill.

I know I'm not the most uber skilled rogue player but also is true that I'm not bad. I think that beside the own skill in know how to play your character, is also a matter to understand the dinamic of one encounter, the strategic and tactics and what you need to do for not only defeat the boss but how you can help all the others players involved because in the end, is a chain effort.

If you have the possibility to experienced the instance, you have more opportunity to learn and to figure out how/what you can do better next time. Beside all the videos and reading that you can do, i think that the best way to learn is doing and experienced the encounter.

As all in this game, I just want ask an opportunity to continue experience the end game instances and defeat all those objetives that can be done with an organized raiding guild.

Tks for your attention,