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Fur - Druid - Kul Tiras v.2

Posted: Mon Nov 16, 2009 10:39 pm
by Dvalinor
Greetings Element!

I'm Back!: It crossed my way, that the dude who "stole" my trial spot last time, seems to have abandoned you... so here I am again!

The Toon:

Name: Fur.

Class: Druid.

Specc/job: Feral dps,

Numbers: With the above mentioned spec, I pull a consistent solo 4.5k+ unbuffed dps:
Dummy bashing!

Proffesions: Enchanting (450/450), Leatherworking (425/450) - still working on it.
Secondary Proffesions: Cooking (433), Fishing (377), First Aid (N/A).

Armory Link: ... iras&n=Fur.

Realm: Kul Tiras.

The Dude Behind the Toon

Age: 19.

Country/Timezone: Denmark, (GMT, +1)

Connection: Wired and stable.

Occupation: Studying Philosophy.

Raid Characteristics: Silent, quick learning, aware, doing my job.

Why Element?: Because I agree with everything I've read so far of your ways of raiding. I love that your not using a dkp system but a council instead, I love that you don't have a sign up function but expect people to be there unless they have informed otherwise. And I like the sense of seriousness that seems to go through it all. And both of those are qualities I've missed in my previous guilds.

Theorycrafting: I'm not a specialist on the area, but I do know my way around most of it, and I try to use and implement it in my gameplay as many places as possible.

The Past

Previous Raiding Experience:
- MC (clear).
- Ony (clear).
- BWL (Halfway, downed Flamegor).
- AQ (Missed due to break).
- Naxx (Missed due to break).
- Karazhan (Clear).
- Gruul (Clear).
- SSC (Clear).
- TK (3/4).
- MH (clear).
- BT (clear).
- Sunwell (missed due to break).
- Naxx 10/25 (Clear).
- OS 10/25 (Clear, 1 drake).
- Maly 10/25 (Clear).
- Ulduar (13/14).
- ToC 10/25 (Clear).
- ToC 10/25 hc (Neither... yet)
- ICC 10/25 (10 Cleared, 25 only killed 4'th boss so far)

Previous Guilds: A99 (Kul tiras), Azeroth Alliance (Kul tiras), Omega (Darksorrow) - I'm afraid I cannot recall the name of the guild I raided with back in Vanilla.

Reasons for leave: Left all of the above when something in RL was knocking on my door, and I didn't have time to play.

Previous raid jobs: I've been all around the blog, Healing, tanking, melee dpsing and ranged dpsing.
And while I enjoy any job as long as I can improve, my current favorite is melee dps.

The Present

Times you can raid: With my current life situation, I got every night free. Except of course the irregular events.

"How Long do you expect to stick around if we invite you?": I still got 2½ year of studying ahead of me, so if all goes well, 2½ year.

Reasons I play: Downing raid content, improving the way I play and do my job, getting my mind off of how my apartment could be cleaner, and how a well cooked meal would be a great replacement for instant noodles :D

Time played: Its almost spooky to think about how much time "well spent" on this game :| anyways, the toon I'm applying with has 62 days, 19 hours. Most of which spent at lvl 70.

Current gear and works in progress: MY current gear is sitting at an 232 avg. My main focus atm is my cloak, and getting emblems for the new tier with the god-like 4'th tier bonus.

Getting ready for raids: I always got a healthy stock of consumeables in the bank, and of course I always meet repaired and prepared.


The Videos are gone! I don't feel I have the time to update the videos, I spend 3 days on them on my last application, and with the sudden reopening, I simply don't have that sort of time.

Other toons armory link:
- Cirosha, Holy pala on Darksorrow, Ulduar and ToC ([i] ... irosha[/i]).
- Sneakyfeet, Prot Warrior on Darksorrow, ToC ( ... Sneakyfeet).
- Théory, DPS DK on Kul Tiras, Naxx, OS and Maly ( ... h%C3%A9ory).

Improved: The new instances have offered me some neat upgrades, and along with the Battered Hilt 2h mace reward, I'm sitting at 500 higher dps than in my last apply.
Additionally, I've finally begun to take my dual speccing seriusly, and as a result, I got a tank set, specc with which I've tanked through ICC 10. And although it felt good to be starring at that huge bear ass again, I still prefer to play kitty 8-)

Thanks for reading my apply, and cya around Kul Tiras...

- Fur

Re: Fur - Druid - Kul Tiras

Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 12:09 am
by Dvalinor
Bah, moaning sucks ;)

I've managed to update my dummy dps video, should be availible through the link in viewable quality :)

Re: Fur - Druid - Kul Tiras v.2

Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2009 2:48 am
by Niduyam
Hey, sorry for the delayed response, we'll discuss your application with the others on Wednesday and should get you an answer by then.

Re: Fur - Druid - Kul Tiras v.2

Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2009 10:31 am
by Dvalinor
Thanks, then I'll just lean back and await the judgment 8-)

Re: Fur - Druid - Kul Tiras v.2

Posted: Thu Nov 26, 2009 12:20 am
by Niduyam
We're interested in offering you a trial, though we have a few issues with the spot we need to sort out before we can give you a clear answer. This will be cleared up by Sunday and we'll give you a firm response then. Aside from that, we'd like to have a chat with you soon too - if you could talk to Lassarandia preferably after 21:00 server time when he's not in a raid, that'd be fantastic.

Thanks for your patience. :)

Re: Fur - Druid - Kul Tiras v.2

Posted: Thu Nov 26, 2009 12:28 am
by Dvalinor
Alright, thanks alot :D

Re: Fur - Druid - Kul Tiras v.2

Posted: Sun Nov 29, 2009 6:03 pm
by Niduyam

I spoke with you in-game a few days about the situation, and unfortunately it means at this time we can't offer you a trial, apoligies for the disappointment. We wish you the best of luck in further applications, though if you replicate the quality of this application you won't need it.

Re: Fur - Druid - Kul Tiras v.2

Posted: Tue Dec 15, 2009 11:46 pm
by Niduyam
Reopened in light of recruitment changes and upon request.

Re: Fur - Druid - Kul Tiras v.2

Posted: Wed Dec 16, 2009 8:50 am
by soulstalker
do you tank or are you one of these refuse to tank cant stand it want to run around in cat form dpsing type druid ?

Re: Fur - Druid - Kul Tiras v.2

Posted: Wed Dec 16, 2009 12:32 pm
by Dvalinor
do you tank or are you one of these refuse to tank cant stand it want to run around in cat form dpsing type druid ?
I'm one of those types of druids that enjoy my class because of the wide range of rolls and play styles it supports. And currently, going cat is what I enjoy the most (mainly because of its complex dps system). I do find myself tanking from time to time... either to get a fast spot for the dailie random hc, or to fit in in the runs I wanna go to.
I don't mind tanking, just as I don't mind going tree or boomkin, but I am applying as a kitty ;)