Recruitment -- Availabe Spots -- Please read!

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Recruitment -- Availabe Spots -- Please read!

Post by Lassarandia » Sat Apr 26, 2008 9:18 am

Welcome to the Element Recruitment Board and thank you for your interest in Element.

In here you can get an overview about open raiding spots in Element
In case you want to apply make sure you read the other threads concerning applications as well.

Currently we are actively looking for the following classes

Shaman, Elemental/Resto/Enhancement

Druid, Balance/Resto

Ranged DPS, can be Mage, Warlock, Hunter - (low priority tho)

We are also always open to exceptional applicants of any class.


Pleace consider that answering your application can take up to 1 week at least.
Reason for this is that decisions for trials are not made by one person only. So it has to be discussed and this just takes some time.
If certain people are on holiday it can take longer than 1 week. In this case feel free to ask about an update here in the forum or ingame.

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