Zaycia Retri pally Application

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Zaycia Retri pally Application

Post by Zikan » Wed Dec 16, 2009 9:53 pm

Characters Details:
Name - Zaycia
Class - Paladin
Race - Human
Spec - Retribution(MS) Holy(OS)

Professions - Mining/Skinning 450(both) Cooking 435 Fishing 225 First Aid 400
Armoury link - ... s&n=Zaycia

About me -
Name - Mike
Age - 21
Location - North(Great Britain) in Cumbria.

Available Raiding times - All(Have alot of spare time on my hands)

Am i willing to change spec to benifit the raid -
Yes im Willing to change spec to benifit the raid/guild.

What i Will bring to the raid -
I will Bring full amounts of food to be sure to be fully buffed.

Addons i Use -
DBM(Deadly Boss Mods)
Discused(Even know im Retridin i like to help healers Clense when i can)
and a few use interface addons.

Raid Content downed -
Ulduar - 4/14
Naxx -10/25 Cleared
Ony - 10/25 Cleared
Totc - 10/25 Cleared
OS - 10/25 Cleared
VoA 10/25 Cleared
EoE 10

Why i would like to join your guild -

The reason im looking to join your guild is for the sole purpose of why anyone would apply for a raiding guild to raid, im looking to the future tbh and i would like a loyal guild that remains on this server, i understand that i will be put into rotatiation with other raiders, and i also understand i would have to take a trial to prove myself wich i am very happily willing to do.

More about myself -

Hello ive been playing wow for about 2 years now and i have raided and med freinds on this server and everyone of them will tell im very knowledge when it comes to rading i like to know all the tactics, and stratergies ect, im also a person that aims high and like to get things done and has a bar beetween having fun and taking raiding seriuosely. I transfered from Kul'Tiras to the draenor server with this char where i resisded in Nothing Else Matters(horde) but befor i left i resided in AA befor the disbanded, i have returned to this ser for RL friends and other matters.

If you need anymore information please feel free to ask :D

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Re: Zaycia Retri pally Application

Post by Spike » Thu Dec 17, 2009 1:28 am

Hi, this will be declined for lack of experience and an incomplete application, Element wish you the best of luck with further applications.