Kattklös, Retribution paladin of Kul Tiras.

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Kattklös, Retribution paladin of Kul Tiras.

Post by kattklos » Mon Dec 28, 2009 8:02 pm

Name of your character: Kattklös
Class: Paladin
TalentSpec: Retribution. I've also got pretty decent protection gear and i am willing to tank if needed. Got holy gear that is kinda Meh'ish - but if you need a healer i'm up for it. Consider me a retribution paladin whom also tank and heal.
Race: Draenei
Your Professions (and level): Mining and Jewelcrafting. 450 respectively 455.
Realm: Kul Tiras
Your Age: 17 years old. B/D in the 25th of january
Country (timezone): I'm living in Sweden, which means my time zone is CET (Central European Time)
Previous guild(s): Calidus and Elysium on the horde side (Where i was known as Farbrorñ), Acta Sanctorum and Focus on the alliance side after i faction-changed.
Why you left them or want to leave them:
Calidus; Left them due to a girlfriend i chose to spend almost all my time with, aswell as i had to focus more on school stuff and shi'.
Elysium; Left because i really didnt agree with their way of thinking about loot, didn't like the officers and they were plain shit - sort of'.
Acta Sanctorum; More of a social guild where i just chilled out and casually raided some ulduar and stuff with some really nice people, Machina/Itegumo is one of them.
Focus; I decided to leave my swedish fellows in focus because i want more out of this game, the thrill of achieving realm firsts is allways something i've wanted to experience.
Why do you want to join Element: As i wrote in my previous sentence; i want more out of this game and this is something i know that you are also very much into.
From where do you know Element: I've been playing on kul tiras since the dawn of time. In vanilla i had a warrior called Kattskrälle (Later known as Kattskraalle, and yeah, katt is cat on english, and i'm very into cats. And i'm not a faggot - sort of.) I played pretty much bg's at the time, the premade ones where the AB matches could end very tight at a score of 1990vs.2000, anyway - i allways feared the guild tag <Element> because of their awezum skills and epix, y'kno.
Times you can NOT play: I can play pretty much all day long. Weekdays i'd say it is approx. 15.00-##.##. Weekends it's infinite.
For how long you already play WoW: I've played wow since one of the first betas, that'd be 2003 or 2002. I have more than 350 days played on all my characters all together.
For how long you play the character you apply with: 89 days.
Raiding Experience:
Vanilla; ZG, AQ20 and MC with the guild Elysium and the MC pugs SoD and rejects held.
TBC; Karazhan, Gruul's lair and Magtheridons lair with the guild WeHaveTabardLOL.
Naxxramas 10/25 is cleared.
Ulduar 10 cleared, done all hard-modes except only one light in the darkness and Iron dwarf, Medium rare.
Never been in Ulduar 25 actually, since Focus was into 10 man raids only.
ToC 10 cleared aswell as ToGC 10 cleared. Got mad skill.
ToC 25 cleared.
ICC 10, done everything that is available at the time. Never done ICC 25.
Attunements: I have all wotlk attunements up to date (If there are any?)
Armory Link: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet ... tkl%C3%B6s

Random shit: I am very into theory-crafting. I Lurk Elitist Jerks allmost everyday, reading and learning about my class, what gear that is best in slot for me etc. etc. I also use the sim. Rawr, which helps alot.

"WWS" Report from Deathbringer saurfang 10 man, aswell as a glimpse of my UI; http://data.fuskbugg.se/skalman01/WoWSc ... 204459.jpg

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Re: Kattklös, Retribution paladin of Kul Tiras.

Post by Vecna » Wed Dec 30, 2009 7:51 am

hello and merry xmass mate, is holydays period and officers may take a while to reply :)
the most important question is : Do you got a younger sister? gl in your application and happy new year.
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Re: Kattklös, Retribution paladin of Kul Tiras.

Post by kattklos » Wed Dec 30, 2009 2:19 pm

I don't want to ruin your hopes and dreams on this one bro, but i'm afraid i aint got no sister :C

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Re: Kattklös, Retribution paladin of Kul Tiras.

Post by Niduyam » Fri Jan 01, 2010 11:29 am

Hey, thanks for your application.

Unfortunately at this time we only have one available raid spot for a Retribution Paladin which is currently occupied. We're also full on Holy and Protection Paladins right now too, so we cannot offer you a trial due to space constraints. We wish you the best of luck in any further applications.
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