Araloia - Druid - Kul Tiras.

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Araloia - Druid - Kul Tiras.

Post by Araloia » Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:23 am

Name of your character: Araloia
Class: Druid
TalentSpec: Feral Tanking.
Race: Night Elf
Your Professions (and level): Leatherworking 442/450, Skining 450/450
Realm: Kul Tiras
Your Age: 18
Country (timezone): Sweden
Previous guild(s): Northern legion
Why you left them or want to leave them: We disband.
Why do you want to join Element: After reading what element is and what you are looking for in a player, makes this guild feel like a place for me.
From where do you know Element: Seen them jumping around.
Times you can NOT play: On a normal day, any time after 17:00 I can be online.
For how long you already play WoW: Sinces the start. 3 years or more I think.
For how long you play the character you apply with: 63 Days.
Raiding Experience: The start of BWL and AQ40 is the highest I got in vanilla wow and the start of black tempel. In Wotlk I have seen every instance apart from ICC25, ToC25 and ulduar25.
Attunements: Got the once that are importent right now, which are not many I believe :p
Armory Link: ... &n=Araloia

I got gear for feral dps, which is not so good as I have been focusing more on tanking then dpsing. I got some healing and moonkin dps gear which is not socket nor good. Something around 200 on most of it. I haven't been focusing so much on getting gear for healing or range dpsing as I already have a resto shaman for healing and a hunter for range dpsing :p

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Re: Araloia - Druid - Kul Tiras.

Post by Spike » Thu Dec 31, 2009 2:30 am

Denied. Put more effort in the application next time.