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Krowki - Restoration / Enhancement Shaman

Post by Krowki » Wed May 26, 2010 9:49 pm

Hi there, members of Element!

First of all I'd like to share that I want to follow my own setup making this application. If it effects my application bad, I'll take the consequences.

I'm currently a Draenei Shaman playing on Executus EU PvP. I decided to move over here from Chromaggus to accept the Trial spot I got in Balance (53 worldrank, Many friend of me stays here aswell, they changed with me and some are already in other guilds. Now, I'm guildless (reason comes after) and I'm looking for a new home. I'm a oldschool'er, played on Kul Tiras most of Pre-TBC on my warrior, Krowki. I remember some of you, might remember me from Wowrush Rushers. I'd be more than glad to come "home"!

This application will in some cases be taken from the one I made for Balance. This is not because I slack, its just that I'm happy with the one I made and will bring in some adjustments and upgrades on some areas.

Real Name: Andreas Christopher Økland
Age: 21
Country: Norway
Languages: Norwegian / English

PC and Internet connection

- I'll admit my computer is not one of the best, but it works totally fine for me.

- Microsoft Windows XP - Professional x64 edition
- Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 CPU
- 6400 @ 2.13 GHz
- 2.13 GHz, 4.00 GB of RAM (upgrade)

- Internet connection is upgraded to 10 mbit. Just got upgraded and I'm quite satisfied.

- I'm 21 years old, living in Stavanger. I'm taking a year off the university because I've had problems with my immune system and becomes sick just by touching the snow/rain/whatever. Therefore I have plenty of time playing World of Warcraft, no exam, schoolwork or anything disturbing my gametime. I love playing football, hang out with mates in the sparetime, working at a store at daytime and like to hang out with my girlfriend.
My situation IRL can make me focus and participate 100% as a guildmember. Lets go over to the Character Information.

Character Information

Character Name: Krowki
Race: Draenei
Class: Shaman
Armory Link: ... chType=all
Armory Link, alt: ... n=Krownoob
Time played: No point at all, but just to show I've put much time playing this game and wants to keep on playing. Shaman: 74 days, Krownoob (warlock): 60 days, Krowki (warrior) 130 days.

I'm happy about choosing shaman for WotLK, also glad to be playing a warlock as destro/demon. But why, exactly?

Why Shaman, and why Restoration?

- The reason I choose to play a Shaman is mainly because I'd like to get in touch with a very wide class with three different but interesting specs. I also find a Restoration shaman very useful when grouping and raiding, and love to participate in raids. To make it nice and clean; Shamans are very fun to play. I enjoy everyday as a Shaman, when grouping, raiding, chilling around and doing achievements. I enjoy changing specs, gems and try to maximize my class the best possible ways.

Specs, and reasons for choosing it

- My main spec is Restoration. I've chosen to play restoration mainly because I enjoy it and its fun, and I love taking part of endgame instances as a healer. I feel I can do a very good job as a healer in difficult raids / endgame raids, both because of my experience as a healer, high focus, gear and will.
- Spec order is currently 0/13/58, and I've had that for a time now. I've improved Healing Way, increasing the amount healed by Healing Wave spell 25%. Glyphs are currently Chain Heal, Healing Stream and Earthshield. I just changed Riptide because Healing Stream glyph increased my healing, and I could remain keeping the stacks up. With the tier 10 two setbonus and Totem of the Surging Sea, my spellpower can be increased with a huge amount, also it will improve my haste for a short period of time. It can still be kept up without Riptide glyph easily.

- Like mentioned in the text, I earlier had glyph of Riptide to increase the HoT so I could easily hold the stacks up. After finding out the stacks would be held easy without, I got an advice from Vexo in Balance to switch to Healing Stream. When speccing Restorative Totems 3/3 it increases the totems healing up to 45%, this will grant an extra 11.25 health per 2 sec. Together with the Healing Stream totem another 20% (5 health per 2 sec) its up to 16.25 health per 2 sec together with with the original + healing. As MSP dont stack with BoW, I decided to upgade my Healing Stream.

- My offspecc is Enhancement. The reason? Its very fun to play. I love beeing melee, and been chasing gear from ICC10 ToC25HC for a long time while raiding as Restoration. That does not mean I've got no experience as Enhancement in raids. I've done bosses in ICC25 normal and ICC10HC as Enhancement, and it worked quite good. I would say I could participate as enhancement quite well if it turns out I should do that instead. Specc order is currently 19/52/0, with decreasing the Fire Nova cooldown to 3 seconds, together with Lava Lash. I'm thinking about changing 18/53/0, will check it out.


- While raiding as Restoration, I have no setup for rotations. I'm changing gear for specific encounters, and I always make sure to keep Earth Shield up at all times. I'm also keeping Riptide-buff stacks up at all time. I'm pretty much "healing on feeling", trying not to overheal but mainly focus on the part of raid that needs healing, like incoming damage.

- As enhancement, the rotations are currently:

- Stormstrike
- Lightning Bolt / Chain heal with 5x Mealstrom
- Earth Shock
- Lava Lash
- Fire Nova
- And repeat.

- I have been speaking with members from Phoenix on Executus, telling me to take a new look at the rotations. I will do that, and do whatever I can to improve my dps.

Raid Details

I've been playing World of Warcraft since the day it came out. My raid experience Pre-Tbc is MC clear, BWL clear, progressed in AQ20/40, Ony clear and no attempts in Naxx 40, dowing zero. I was kinda "burned out", and decided to have a break just before The Burning Crusade came out.

The Brurning Crusade experience

Karazhan - Cleared
Gruul's Lair - Cleared
Magtheridon - Cleared
Zul'Aman - Cleared without timed
Serpentshrine Caverns - Cleared
Tempest Keep - Cleared
Mount Hyjal - Cleared
Black Temple - Cleared
Sunwell Plateau - 3 bosses, guild disband, also made me chill out in the start of WotLK.

Wrath of the Lich King experience

- I stared late in WotLK, in the end of Naxx and beginning of Ulduar.

Naxx 10/25: clear
VoA 10/25: clear
Ulduar 10: up to Mim
Ulduar 25: up to Mim (HM achievements up to Mim, missing 3 for drake)
ToC10/25: clear
ToC10HC: Mad skill
ToC25HC: 4/5, Anub 2%, sad but true.
ICC 10/25: clear
ICC10HC: 10/12, Sindra 11%
ICC25HC: 1/12

- As you can see, the ICC25HC experience is quite low. That annoys me like hell, makes it very hard for me to get accepted to guilds. I hope it can be ignored and mainly focus on me as a good, high focused and a player doing minimal mistakes in raids.

Ventrilo and Teamspeak: - Yes, both
Can you speak on Ventrilo? - Yes, I'm not afraid to talk. Basicly because I've been leading raids since day one Pre-TBC, and endgame in WotLK, raid leading and beeing officer.

Print Screens

- Here is a printscreen of my UI as restoration and enhancement. I've got both positive and negative feedback, but I like it very good. It can be downloaded and names "Ultimate Shaman UI", but I mixed a bit and found the right adjustments that made my gaming better. Picture was taken as a Orc, but I'm using the same UI as when the picture was taken.

- Dominos
- Skada
- Stuf
- CD timer
- Reflux
- and many more small addons.



- I apologize for not having a photo while raiding. Be aware I did not focus on doing any damage at all, this was just to show you how I play.

Previous Guilds and Roles

- I've had a lot of guilds playing this game for over 5 years. I'd like to mention the few in WotLK, reason for leaving and what roles. The guilds have been;

- CARE, Alliance, Chromaggus (7/12 25HC)
- Aurora, Horde, Chromaggus (11/12 before disband)
- Cede Maiori, Horde, Chromaggus (9/12 25HC)
- Balance, Alliance, Executus (11/12 25HC, progressing on LK)
- Accepted to Phoenix, Executus (10/12 25HC) - When logging on they changed mind.

- In the beginning of Wrath of the Lich King, I played in a guild called Venue. The guild fell apart while raiding in Ulduar 25, and the best members got to join CARE who was setup by members from all of the best guilds on the Alliance. We started raiding ToC25HC quite late, but managed to pick up the best guilds and went stuck on Anub. After dealing with hard problems with the healing officer, regarding spot and loot, I decided to leave calm and easy. They understood the situation, and I moved in to Aurora as Horde on Chromaggus. What a bunch of nice people! We progressed hard, getting into ICC25 normal and clearing it fast with 10 mans up to LK. But there were some players, like 2-3, who ALWAYS failed and fucked up the progress. Because of that, I and the officer team, guildmaster and class leaders decided to create Cede Maiori.

- In Cede Maiori, I became the healing officer. I participated in raids as raidleader together with the guildmaster, had control over the healing team and fixed on the forums. I love having a huge role in a guild and feel like I'm the right person to handle the job. It gave me huge experience and I could see how it was to actually lead a guild in good and bad situations. But after a while, I had problems in real life. Not to talk about, but it involved stress and problems at finishing off last parts of exams. I turned out to be a very mean guy, I found out and decided to chill out, leave the guild as they asked me to, and finish the exams.

- After a long period of time, I finally had time and focus again to reconnect back to World of Warcraft. I went to to check out for a new home, and wanted to start clean on a new server. My mate said Balance was a pretty sick guild doing heavy progress. Well, the right attitude for me. I made an application putting good time getting back all information and they offered me a trial spot. I changed faction, server and accepted the trialspot. It went for about two weeks. I was standby on LK heroic progress, and got to join the 10 mans. I had to work a wednesday, I guess it made me loose the 11/12 experience in ICC25HC and ToC25HC on Insanity which would ROCK pretty hard written on the application. Well, that never happend. After some time, Qrion, their healing officer had a quick talk to me. He said they would only stick to using one Restoration Shaman in their raidsetup, and he asked me to leave. Pretty hard, was pretty shit but I didn't have any choice, I had to leave. Thats what makes me guildless at this point!

- After leaving Balance, I came along with some Phoenix members (3d on server). They wanted to offer me a trial, but same day as I should get invited, they changed mind. Kinda sucks, that totally made me wanna screw the server and go another place!

- Now I'm free and want a new place to stay. I'm looking for long-term, meaning up to Cataclysm and continue progress. I hope I'm the right person for you guys.

Anything I'd like to add?

- I'm always making one last post on every application incase I forget something. Then it will be written here!
- As you can see, professions are not maxed. Just changed, will work getting them up as fast as possible. I know this is a huge down when writing an application, but I will use time getting them up!
- I'm also sorry for not bringing any Healing or Dps-logs. I quitted, and they deleted my account from the forums in Cede Maiori, could'nt bring anyone with me! We did not take a log raiding 10HC in Balance.

EDIT: - JC now at 448, I'm tired as hell so I'll get the last 7 up tomorrow! Then its Engi time!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my application, and I'm looking forward to hear from you guys!




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Re: Krowki - Restoration / Enhancement Shaman

Post by Silic » Thu May 27, 2010 10:12 pm

hi there, thank you for your application we will get back to you within a week.

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Re: Krowki - Restoration / Enhancement Shaman

Post by Millie » Sat May 29, 2010 12:15 am

Very well written application, good luck.

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Re: Krowki - Restoration / Enhancement Shaman

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Thanks for your application. Unfortunately we cannot offer you a raiding spot and therefore must reject your application.
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