Recruitment Need to Knows

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Recruitment Need to Knows

Post by Lassarandia » Sat Apr 26, 2008 9:24 am

Welcome to the Everything you need to know about element and applying to the Guild Topic. In this Topic you will find certain information collated from every part of the guild in applying to us, to our rules and expectations. Below is a table of contents so you can search easily.

1.Applying to the Guild

2.Raiding Criteria

3.Raiding Rules

4.History of Element

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Applying to Guild

Post by Silic » Thu Mar 31, 2011 11:25 pm

Applying to the Guild

To apply to the guild, first please ensure you have read this post then proceed to Application Process

The following is useful information about applying to the guild.

You have to register in the forum in order to post. Sorry for that, but it is our way to protect us from unserious applications and spam. In Addition, once you post your application one of the administrators will approve it. They will do this whether its to accept it, or unfortunately decline it. Once the application has been approved for placement on the forum you can then edit and even delete your application if you want.

Only open one (1) application thread else we will close or delete them.

Enter the info we ask for. Especially do NOT copy your application from another guild. If you want us to take your application serious you should take your time filling it out correctly. In addition: take some advice here.. Make this like a CV for a job. You are wanting us to take you seriously, so put some effort into it. if you just have 2 word answers you will just get a 1 word response (mainly being "DECLINED"). So take your time, put some effort into your application, and you will have a higher chance of getting looked at, instead of binned.

One of the best applications I have personally seen to this guild I found in the old old applications forums and can be found here: ... =38&t=2570 So take advantage of a good template there to impress us with. (at the time we where full to the brim with shamans so unfortunately we could not take that person on, but if we was missing just 1 shaman we would have had him straight away for a trial on the application basis)

NO CapsLock!

Non-serious applications will be closed or deleted (depending on the fun factor)

Any spam will be deleted

Please spell check your application. It helps alot to make it look serious and everybody can do that! Even if you are not native english speaker.

"Official" raids are only 25man raids.
In general our raiding days are Wednesday, Thursday, Monday. This depends on the progression in the instances.

Start of invites for raids is generally about 19:30 until 12:30 server time.

If we have every instance on farmstatus, raiddays are as many as we need to clear the places.
This can be everything from 1 to 3 days.

Available raiding spots you can see here:

We dont need heroes, we need players who know to play their class and who can listen and have at least some interest in theory crafting.

We will check you ingame and on the Armory. If you have gear that you think its important that we know of list it. You can also provide a link to CTprofile or similar, as an alternative to the armory link.

If you get an invite to the guild you will be 3 to 4 weeks on trial status. While you are a trial you are not allowed to call items. We will offer you items tho from time to time.

On trial raids you see how people play but not how they are, thats why its that long.

There is no fixed time you will be trial. If we already know you for example this can be alot shorter.

If you cant attend at least 75% of the raids this guild isnt for you and you wont have fun.

If you dont have the time but still want to join you can try to convince us to invite you as a reserve. A reserve can join a raid when we need more people or a certain class. But you wont have a guarantee to get a full raid spot anytime soon or at all. As at the beginning said you should know what you want and what you expect and what the others can expect from you.

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Raiding Criteria

Post by Silic » Thu Mar 31, 2011 11:32 pm

Raiding Criteria

Before you apply to the guild, just double check that you match the following criteria of which we try and adhere to in elements raiding and guild environment.

- You are Level 85 obviously
- High quality gear which is ilvl X gear on every slot (except maybe trinkets, yes), while X stands for "state of the art gear". If you don't know what that means then this guild is not for you.
- The best enchants possible (within reason)
- You know the abilities of your class, when and how they work (yes this one is important!)
- You can accept constructive criticism, if you cannot then this guild is not for you
- Communication skills, means you (can) talk to others, may it be your classmates or the healers, the casters, the melee, the tanks, whatever.
- You know what other classes can do, and what they cannot do
- You can listen and do what you are told
- Be able to understand and speak English. Not only the words but the sense behind it.
- Common Sense
- You should read the forum regularly and should be up to date (not only the guild forum! but forums you can get info about your class)
- You should be ready/able to pay repair bills. Even though element pays for your repairs, we still may enforce that the guild repairs from their own wallet once in a while.
- You should be ready/able to use your own consumables (Includes potting for those harder encounters)
- You should be able to use team speak. You don't have to talk, but you must listen and you should actually have the guts to talk if needed. Besides that we DO prefer quiet people. (You will get the server details when you get invited, so don’t ask for them before)

- You should be up for trying new things and not saying "This won't work because I have never done it"
- Understand that there are 24 other players in the raid and that it can't be always your turn especially when an expansion hits you should have an open mind for a change in (your) play style
- A User Interface that supports you and your playstyle. If that is the default UI this is fine. What we dont want to hear is "Oh sorry I didnt see that". No matter if your UI didnt show it at all or if it is just overloaded and you didnt see it because of the tons of other information.

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Raiding Rules

Post by Silic » Thu Mar 31, 2011 11:45 pm

Raiding Rules (as such)

In element we generally follow the rules of Common sense.

As quoted from the great lass "Common Sense" means:
-Use your brain
-Respect all other players
-Be fair to all other players, not only the ones in the guild or the ones you know
-If you don't like a player put him on your ignore list and stay with that. Do not insult him or similar
-Do not bully other players < Cant stress that one enough
-The fact other players do something is no reason for you to do it ->"He did it as well" is no apology
-Know the rules of the game. Especially some rules on world bosses seem to be unknown to some players -.-

In addition to the common sense rules.. We expect that you tell us when you can't come. We don't need reasons, unless you take the piss then you will of course always tell us a "good" reason. We want to know when you won't come to a raid, or if you go away and (if possible) how long you are away (may that be "afk for dinner" or "gone for holiday").

This makes it easier for us to plan with 25 people and more.

If you want to tell us the reason then you can do of course. But reasons like "OMG my hamster died" are not reasons. If you have lost your interest in raiding or you don't have the time anymore then be honest and don't come up with silly "good" reasons.

If you are a smoker (I don't want to know what you are smoking) that is generally not a problem. If you are going afk for a smoke it's not a problem as it is no problem if you don't smoke and you are going afk for other things. The "problem" is not the smoking but the being afk. If you are afk 5 mins for a smoke every hour thats ok. If you are afk 20 mins every 30 mins then this is not ok. If you go afk we expect you to tell us. Nothing is more annoying than people going afk without telling and you rely on them, eg tank not tanking, mage not sheeping, etc. The only problem we have with smoking is if you smoke some dodgy things and you are stoned and can't play properly anymore.

While thats the general raiding rules as such, a side thought from this is that If you made a mistake admit it and if it was a dumb mistake take the blame, Own up... we appreciate it more than smashing our heads against the wall wondering why the hell we just wiped on something that did not make sense.

Final Addition.. things that have annoyed us previously with raiders... PLEASE DONT FALL INTO THESE:

- People trying to convince us that they can come at 2030 and leave at 2300 every day but still want priority on invites.
- People asking if we can equip them so they fulfill our requirements.
- People telling us what we have to do when and where and whatever. We have our own style, accept it (or not).
- People ending a conversation with "I thought you are an honorable guild". Seriously, get some better arguments.
- People talking much but not saying anything of importance. We are not mindreaders nor do we want to drag every word out of you nor are we interested in your daily Real-Life problems.
- People who cant make whole sentences ("XX whsipers: Hi BF", that was a request to come to Blood Furnace) or cant express themselves in a friendly way ("XX whisper: Need Water", that was a request for mage water)
- People who dont think before they act and when it goes bananas they blame their brother. Seriously, stand to your decisions and think about the consequences it may has. You cant reset people like a PC.
- People who think everybody else is stupid and only themselves are the smart guys and can tell others everything because there is a monitor and some miles between each other.

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History of Element

Post by Silic » Thu Mar 31, 2011 11:59 pm

History of Element
** Still Editing This part **

Welcome to Element

In here I want to talk about some things you should and probably want to know before you write you application. You should read this to avoid any surprises. It may look like a stupid and unimportant wall of text, but honestly, take your time.

This post has grown from experience made with our applicants and their applications since February 2005. Have fun reading it and remember:
There are always things to learn! And yes, those things all happened, thats why I write it down in here.
The things we expect seem to be numerous and strict and "over the top" and elitist and whatever, but this shall only ensure that we find the right people and you the right guild, because only then you and we will have fun.
If you think we are a bunch of people who have no life then thats ok. In that case we are not the right guild for you.
Besides that we are not interested in what you think how our reallife looks like.

For the start I want you to ask yourself: "Why do you play this game?"
I think to have fun, isnt it? So when is it fun? When you get items? When you kill new bosses? When you see new content? When you just play with people you know?
You should answer this question yourself and after you read this post you can reconsider if we are the right guild for you.

What is Element not?
We are not there to equip people to pwn and be leet in PvP, and we are not there to equip alts. We do PvP and we have alts and we actually take them to raids sometimes or do alt runs.
But our focus is on PvE and to progress there. We are not there to guide people through new instances that they can tell that they have been there.
We are no attunement service.

Now what is Element?
We are a raiding guild. We want to progress, we want items, but above all we want to have fun. We are not a big guild, so we pretty much rely on our people.
We are a low profile guild no matter our progress which means that we dislike people that spam official and unofficial forums, any in-game channel, any game community chat room (e.g. IRC) and people that brag for the achievements of the guild.
In this guild we dont say when we come, we say when we are NOT coming.
We have no sign ups.
We dont expect you to be online 24/7, we expect you to be there for raids. Of course you should be prepared for raids. You dont have to be there for every single raid and actually it can happen that you are asked to stay out, especially in the beginning. Thats actually one of the reasons why we are a small guild, so that people can raid most of the time and dont have to pass. Without backup its impossible tho and everybody should understand this, since no one can always be there.
Nevertheless you should be there for most raids.

We have no DKP.
Loot is assigned by the council depending on various reasons. We appreciate if you can sort out items within your class or with other people who are interested in the items you want.
There will be times when you think the council hates you and there will be times you get several items in a short time.

So why we have such relativly high requirements to time, eg /played, and gear?
Looking at the encounters and bosses it really helps if you already raided pre Burning Crusade since in many new bosses you see similar abilites as they have been used in AQ40 or Naxxramas. And about the gear, well on the first boss in BlackTemple you need 10,000 Hitpoints minimum, else you are useless. On most bosses you need high dps as well. In other words: With greenish gear you are more dead than alive. This wont be any fun for you nor for us.
If you have to go afk every 10 minutes for 10 minutes you wont be happy here as well. This means when you are online and you want to come to the raid you should really be available and not only log your char, be in the raid, leech reputation or items or just waiting for the boss you want.

Why dont we recruit people that only wanna do PvP or raiding 5man instances?
We have our focus on raiding. We dont do much PvP and we dont really do many 5 man instances. Of course we go there from time to time, especially with alts and such. But if you dont want to raid this is the wrong guild for you since you wont have any fun. In fact most of our members have jobs or study or go to school and therefore they are not online during the day. In the evening we raid so there is acutally not much time to do 5 man instances or PvP together. We dont need people who come once per week to a raid (farm raids) just to get some items to be leet or see the new bosse and instances. Besides that the council is already busy enough with the raids and RL so we really do not wanna care for PvP or 5-man problems.

We wipe alot here. If you mind dieing alot this is not the guild for you.

The average age of the guild is around 25-27, this includes the mental age. The real age doesnt have to say anything about the mental age. We already have seen people that are 30 and act like 15 year old and we have seen 15 year old people who act like 30.

We have a strange humor that you could call "childish" but nevertheless we know when there is the time to be serious, and you should know that as well. There is a fine line between making jokes and insulting people. Never cross this fine line. If you cant see that line, you wont be happy here. Many people in this guild are raiding together for a long time and know each other. So some "jokes" probably sound really bad to new people but the joke victim knows how it was meant.

Official language in the guild is english. But we do have a large variety of nations in here: From UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Poland to Greece (sry to the ones I forgot). And that means we have many accents here as well and there is by far no perfect english. Thats no reason to be ashamed of your accent and it is no reaons to make fun of the different accents. Racism will not be tolerated.
As mentioned you dont need pefect english, but you should understand what is said without having to use a dictionary and oyu should be able to express yourself properly. There is a huge difference between the 2 sentences:"Me am going for eating" and "I ma akf to haev smeo dnnier"

We appreciate it when people "can" talk, means they have a microphone and are not afraid of talking. So we do appreciate when you can talk, but we appreciate it even more if you are quite while we raid and only say the very most important things. We already have enough people talking and entertaining the guild while we raid, we dont really need more.

If you have more characters, you should decide with which one you want to raid. Swapping chars dependant on your daily mood is not accepted.

When we raid dont play any other games (like Age of Empires). Raiding will need your full concentration. Even on "easy" bosses a stupid mistake can cause a wipe. If you wiped the raid then you should have the guts to admit it and tell us why and what happenend. Only this way you and we can gather experience. Trying to hide in the 25 people wont help any of us.

Never talk to an NPC in a raid instance. At least not unless told to do. Most of the time they dont have quests, they start something, for example a boss fight.

Since we have more time to do pvp and other things atm I come to the point where I have to add some more things here (unfortuntely).

Names: Really, think about it. A "stupid" name is a reason to not invite you. Dont expect any of us to call you "Lord" because the name of you char is LordVoldermort. The name of your char doesnt have to contain the race nor the class of your character. If you cant keep your chars apart then you should think about playing only one character.
In the case you "rob" a name, like Legolas, then do it properly. If Legolas isnt available then dont start with Legoolas, Leggolas, Legolass, Leegolas and all this shit. And dont start with shit like BowmasterLegolas or whatever may be possible.
The worst thing you can do is using a "funny" sentence as name, eg IOWNYOU. Really sentences are not a name and make yourself ridiculous. If it is an alt we can live with it, but the name of your main char is the name we will call you, so dont make it sound stupid...
Some names may be funny, especially in conjunction with your guild name. The problem is once you are 70 and you want to join another guild, then it is not funny anymore. People will call you by your characters name. If this name is ridiculous people will laugh about you, not your name.
If you want to taunt people in PvP with your characters name then do so, but dont apply to this guild.

I met alot of people the last weeks in Battlegrounds and let me tell you this:
If you are one of those people that would use an "afk-Bot" then we dont want you. If you are one of those people who join a BG and just run around because alliance loses anyway then we dont want you.
I am a druid from start and saying this therefore hurts alot: So many druids are just noobish idiots. They run around in catform and dont think about changing forms. They dont heal themselves even when all enemies are down and it is save. They dont decurse themselves, they are just stuck in catform and try to be a wannabe rogue. Same goes for almost all other classes. When I see that 2 Rogues fighting a healer and the healer just heals himself until he is oom or the Rogues are dead, ye well...For the one who cant see the "mistake" in this sentence, just dont apply.
Next story is: 3 Druids Catform and 4 Warriors without shield standing infront of Drek'Thar, waiting for a tank.
Next one: I was questing in Nagrand with an alt. Warrior, Druid and Priest looking for tank and healer for arena event.
Long story short: If you cannot be arsed to use all the abilites of your character because you wanna do only insane dps, then you are wrong here.


This is only a game! But behind those funny characters are real people. And thats why you should behave accordingly. No matter if you do raiding or pvp or killing worldbosses or whatever.

RealLife (RL) is always more important than this (and every other) game, you should be aware fo that.
On the other hand you should be aware of the fact that you play with real people in this guild and not NPCs whom you can switch off whenever you want.
We expect that you tell us when you cant come. We dont need reasons, we just want to know when you wont come or you go away and (if possible)
how long you are away (may that be "afk for dinner" or gone for holiday). This makes it easier for us to plan with 25 people and more.
If you cant attend at least 75-80% of the raids this guild isnt for you and you wont have fun.
If you dont have the time but still want to join you can try to convince us to invite you as a reserve. A reserve can join a raid when we need more people or a certain class.
But you wont have a guarantee to get a full raid spot anytime soon or at all. As at the beginning said you should know what you want and what you expect and what the others can expect from you.

Before you apply you should really be sure what you are up to. If the only reason for your application is that you have seen Element members and their epixxx, then do not apply. You have noe clue what raiding means. Sorry to be blunt here, but this is what experience showed us.
If you raided Black Temple in the last weeks of Burning Crusade and thought this is "real" raiding, then you have still alot to learn.

This guild exists since pretty much the beginning of World of Warcraft. Our first raid was Onyxia (or even UBRS if that counts). One of the reasons for this is that we are very careful on inviting new members. This can take some time. If it should be too long for you, well, you can cancel your application anytime.
Another, even more important, thing is, that even a good player doesnt need to be the "right" one for us. We arent looking for "just" good people. We are looking for people who fit into this guild. So if we dont invite you or give you a chance for a trial, this doesnt mean you are a noob with no skill. Infact we already rejected many very good players since we had the impression that they dont fit into this guild, and yes, we may be a tad strange in some respects.
Yes, our impression is enough. There is no Blizzard standard BL123-3-56/23A annex C that explains and defines invites and trial raids and how to judge you and your preformance. If you think thats unfair, well, then it is I guess. Sorry for the asshole beheviour here.
I cant and I dont want to define and/or tell you what exactly we are looking for, since we dont want you to behave as we want, but as !you! are.