Application Process

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Application Process

Post by Lassarandia » Sat Apr 26, 2008 9:33 am

Please ensure you have taken a look at the Recruitment Need to knows before you apply to element.

Make your recruiment post like this:

SUBJECT of your application: YourName - YourClass - Your Realm

Name of your character:
Your Professions (and level):
Your Age:
Country (timezone):
Previous guild(s):
Why you left them or want to leave them:
Why do you want to join Element:
From where do you know Element:
Times you can NOT play:
For how long you already play WoW:
For how long you play the character you apply with:
Raiding Experience:
Armory Link:

Optional things you want to tell us: for example alternativ gear, alts, ...

You can tell us here about your talentspec especially if your class supports several "useful" specs. EG when you apply as a druid, you should make sure if you want to be a healer or tank or dps or moonkin and if you are up for another spec as well.

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Additional Information

Post by Silic » Thu Mar 31, 2011 9:57 pm

Apart from the above, the following is useful information about applying to the guild.

Ensure you match the "Raiding Criteria" of the guild

You have to register in the forum in order to post. Sorry for that, but it is our way to protect us from unserious applications and spam. In Addition, once you post your application one of the administrators will approve it. They will do this whether its to accept it, or unfortunately decline it. Once the application has been approved for placement on the forum you can then edit and even delete your application if you want.

Only open one (1) application thread else we will close or delete them.

Enter the info we ask for. Especially do NOT copy your application from another guild. If you want us to take your application serious you should take your time filling it out correctly. In addition: take some advice here.. Make this like a CV for a job. You are wanting us to take you seriously, so put some effort into it. if you just have 2 word answers you will just get a 1 word response (mainly being "DECLINED"). So take your time, put some effort into your application, and you will have a higher chance of getting looked at, instead of binned.

One of the best applications I have personally seen to this guild I found in the old old applications forums and can be found here: ... =38&t=2570 So take advantage of a good template there to impress us with. (at the time we where full to the brim with shamans so unfortunately we could not take that person on, but if we was missing just 1 shaman we would have had him straight away for a trial on the application basis)

NO CapsLock!

Non-serious applications will be closed or deleted (depending on the fun factor)

Any spam will be deleted

Please spell check your application. It helps alot to make it look serious and everybody can do that! Even if you are not native english speaker.

"Official" raids are only 25man raids.
In general our raiding days are Wednesday, Thursday, Monday. This depends on the progression in the instances.

Start of invites for raids is generally about 19:30 until 12:30 server time.

If we have every instance on farmstatus, raiddays are as many as we need to clear the places.
This can be everything from 1 to 3 days.

Available raiding spots you can see here:

We dont need heroes, we need players who know to play their class and who can listen and have at least some interest in theory crafting.

We will check you ingame and on the Armory. If you have gear that you think its important that we know of list it. You can also provide a link to CTprofile or similar, as an alternative to the armory link.

If you get an invite to the guild you will be 3 to 4 weeks on trial status. While you are a trial you are not allowed to call items. We will offer you items tho from time to time.

On trial raids you see how people play but not how they are, thats why its that long.

There is no fixed time you will be trial. If we already know you for example this can be alot shorter.

If you cant attend at least 90% of the raids this guild isnt for you and you wont have fun.

If you dont have the time but still want to join you can try to convince us to invite you as a reserve. A reserve can join a raid when we need more people or a certain class. But you wont have a guarantee to get a full raid spot anytime soon or at all. As at the beginning said you should know what you want and what you expect and what the others can expect from you.

Once you apply, we may not get back to you straight away. Be patient, we will get back to you within a week of your application.

Finally. Good luck, and hope to see you applying soon!