Application - Warlock


Application - Warlock

Post by Hixe » Fri Jun 17, 2011 3:12 am

Apply : Amir - Warlock - Kul Tiras - EU

Name of your character: Hixe

Class: Warlock

TalentSpec: Affliction

Race: Human

Your Professions (and level): Herbalism (525) and Alchemy (525)

Realm: Kul Tiras - EU

Your Age: 19

Country (timezone): Sweden

Previous guild(s): Burning Vigor

Why you left them or want to leave them: Because im only an exceptional raider and i would like to be an original raider (not really sure of how to say it) but i wanna be able to join for most of the raids since i've been looking forward for the firelands.

Why do you want to join Element: I want to join element because i've been looking around for a nice guild and this is just what im looking for, im looking for a nice raid experience and a fun time.

From where do you know Element: From Wowprogress with all of the other guild from Kul Tiras

Times you can NOT play: Friday/Saturday

For how long you already play WoW: 6 months

For how long you play the character you apply with: The character Hixe that im appliying with is my first char that i've started to play with now in cataclysm

Raiding Experience: 6/6 bwd (1hc) 4/4 bot (1hc) 2/2 tofw

Armory Link: ... ixe/simple :ugeek:

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