Anthoron - Rogue - Bloodhoof.


Anthoron - Rogue - Bloodhoof.

Post by Dave » Mon Jun 27, 2011 3:21 pm

Name of your character:
Anthoron (will most likely change as i return to kul tiras as i have an alt on kul tiras that is already named anthoron)


Combat & Assassination. (i have very little preference which is my "main" spec as both have advantages and drawbacks. currently i'm playing as combat after raiding as assassination to 10/12 normal progress.)


Your Professions (and level):
Skinning/LW both at 525(540 for skinning due to the racial)


Your Age:

Country (timezone):
England (GMT)

Previous guild(s):
Quintessence, Cosmic Powers, Crazy Train.

Why you left them or want to leave them:
Quint; i joined as a social player during wotlk and when i only renewed my account during holidays. Nothing really to say about this guild that would be relevant here.

Cosmic Powers; this guild is a bloodhoof guild. This is the guild i joined upon transfering to bloodhoof as my cousin and his wife were in this guild. several players disliked the direction the guild was taking, it was a social guild that raided occasionally and the guild was becoming increasingly... something, i can't quite place what it was however the same 10 people were always getting raid spots, the same issues were consistently being ignored, players with potential were leaving for other guilds because of the same 10 players being given spots and it was apparent that the guild was not living up to what it once was, and what some of the older members enjoyed about the guild. Ultimately this led to a confrontation between my cousin and the GM, after unsuccessful attempts to resolve the issue several players quit to re-form crazy train.

Crazy Train; this guild is run by my cousin's wife, it's a very social guild who raid and managed 10/12 in 6 weeks of re-forming and we managed 12/12 the friday before patch 4.2. The reason i'm looking to leave this guild is that during my time on bloodhoof raiding as a "social" player i've leveled 3 other characters to 85. personally i see issue with this, i'm not a huge fan of alts. i realised recently i've been leveling alts to fill the void that has been left playing the game in a somewhat half hearted manner. while i enjoy sitting on vent all day chatting to some of the amazing members this guild has, guild itself isn't offering every thing i want from this game.

Why do you want to join Element:
Firstly, i want to come home. Kul Tiras is home for me. Secondly, i wish to find a guild where i have to be better than good. i'm not the best rogue ever, and i probably never will be. That fact doesn't stop me trying to get every thing i can from my rogue, however i know there's room for improvement. The social mantra my previous and current guilds have had are not the environment where i'm able to push myself. Hence, i'm hoping element is the guild that can provide the environment where i can get the very best out of my character. oh and alterna is in the guild, guess this is the bit where i name drop?

From where do you know Element:
i came to Kul Tiras from silvermoon with the free transfer years ago, it was my home ever since. Any one who has played on Kul Tiras since then until now and doesn't know about element must have their eyes closed all the time, that or you guys have mastered gnomish cloaking device technology. (in which case, i tip my hat to you)

Times you can NOT play:
Currently during the summer, i'm free all the time. however a small note on that, as it's the summer i'm visiting the parents so i'm taking advantage of their cooking so meal times are at their leasure not mine, however we don't sit down for family meals so other than a quick dash to grab dinner it won't effect raiding.
However, after the summer i'll be returning to university and my time is completely under my control and therefore nothing but poor planning on my part will hinder my raid time.

For how long you already play WoW:
When i purchased the game, dire maul was but a patch note... so the answer to this question really would be; too long.

For how long you play the character you apply with:
It was the first character i made. i've racked up 265 days /played on this character.

Raiding Experience:
full clears of tier 1&2 content.
up to twin emps in aq40, full clear of aq20.
instructor raz in naxx.

full clears of tier 4&5 content.
full clears of mh/bt + attempts (but never a kill) on kellogs (i could never remember his[first boss in sunwell] name so i nicknamed him kellogs)

n/a, account was frozen.

i've cleared all current raid content on normal, i've yet to attempt a boss on heroic.

Armory Link: ... n/advanced

Further Things;
Logs; i take my own logs for raids. here's the link to where i upload all my logs, for both our guild raids and pugs my alts participate in. they can be found here, to save you trawling through the logs, our first and only kills of nefarian and al'akir can be found within the last 2 weeks of raiding. dates 19th for nefarian, and the 24th for al'akir.

Alts; all of my level 85 alts are on Bloodhoof, and should i be accepted in to element i will not be bringing them with me. however just for completeness i have a hunter, a death knight, and a mage. all above 353 ilevel, and the death knight has main tanked full BoT and 4/6 bosses in bwd (crazy train were a tank short when we were just re-forming).

About me; This application doesn't ask any thing about the large squidgy mass between the chair and the computer, i think it's important to know the people you raid with, as well as the players.
i'm 20, i'm from england, and i'm a student. That's the basics of it. I'm currently studying Statistics at the university of plymouth and after the summer i'll be in my final year at university (assuming i've managed to pass this year!). in my spare times i do most of the things your typical student does, such as moaning about self inflicted hangovers and such. also, i quite like reading and i have a massive taste for fantasy-fiction books. i'm currently reading my way through the works of raymond e feist, i mean, what else is there to do on maintinence day while the servers are down?

anyway i feel i'm about to start rambling and giving you a copy of my life story which you're probably not too interested in, so i'll quit while i'm ahead. However in all honesty, i'm not very good at filling out applications that are very open ended therefore i've probably missed some thing or other. If i have missed any thing, please let me know and i'll rectify it as soon as possible whether it be amending this application or answering a few questions on real-id ingame (email address removed by Alterna as this part of the forum is publicly accesable).


Re: Anthoron - Rogue - Bloodhoof.

Post by Dave » Thu Jun 30, 2011 8:51 am

Quick update; since firelands came out yesterday i dedicated a whole day in there and i've had a few attempts at beth'talic, lord rhyolith, and shannox. (more, let's pull this and see how fast he wipes us pulls rather than serious attempts) also, i've managed to get honoured reputation with avengers of hyjal and obtained both the rep cloak and belt, along with 3 leather working recipes from trash (2 mail caster items, 1 leather caster item(boots)). in addition, i've managed to unlock the second set of daily quests.

edit: quickly edited for spelling before any one noticed that i can't spell!

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Re: Anthoron - Rogue - Bloodhoof.

Post by Silic » Thu Aug 11, 2011 5:23 pm

late reply, obviously my fault. ive been a touch busy to deal with this.

Nice application (ish), sadly we havent a spot at the moment.