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i tend to just decline applications on this forum which dont even show any attempt at expanding the simple application post template we give, however this one there are a few things which made me laugh and because of that ill just say something extra to seem to be a ass hole to anyone who reads it. :3 (im actually a nice guy you know?)
I think I'm good player so thats why I'm applying with this gear.
lol, i think my green geared druid and me playing is a good player, doesn't mean i can go apply to wiping as intended or shadows of doom and get in straight away....

Your gear is semi decent, can get it from any instance these days, so i wont go into it that much.

Your raiding experiance is near on nothing, meaning we would have to train you from scratch. we dont do this, some experiance is needed to ensure we have 3 day raiding week kept to a maximum performance (or so) with minimal downtime on farm content.

last note:
I spend really a lot of time wipeing in TBC and Wotlk.
Fills me full of confidence.

Anyways, Its a declined mainly due to the fact we already have a decent dps warrior, and we dont need to fill another raid spot with a warrior.