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Re: Bladestormer - Warrior - Kul Tiras

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hi there,

Sorry to say, but you are declined. (Reason(s) shown below)

Best of luck in the future


Decline reasons:

Warrior / Hunter class - Currently we have the optimum amount of hunters / warriors in the guild roster, so only exceptional applications may get a good look at...

Raid experiance - too low, checked both your characters, and i agree you have only done shannox and beth'tilac on normal. element is progressing onto heroics, and do not have the time to train another person up. not to mention, you have no experience in the old contents heroic modes too, meaning learning it may prove to be a challenge, or slow us down.

Gear - Im sorry to say, but with someone who is applying to join a high end raiding guild, id expect to see the person to have fully enchanted gear, gemmed up, and not skimp on cheaper enchants.

warrior - legs, low level enchant (shows no commitment towards dps in my eyes) // Boots, you know Greater assault is just as easy to get as assault. 22 attack power is less than 32... // you have no enchant on your cloak...
hunter - Head, cloak, no enchants // chest, gloves, boots, bracers all have low level enchants.

Application - very small, and not a lot of information, could have done better to show commitment towards getting into the guild. Extra step into looking to be the best.

Extra note - If I wasn't declining this application now, I would have been asking you the following question (this is something to think on if you apply to another guild.)

Why hasn't Shadows of Doom given you a raiding spot?